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Great communicators recognize the power of simple statements. They realize that important ideas don't have to be dressed up in a fancy language.

Designers, often use terms that imply we're part of some secret club. It's as if we're saying, “We can speak in a code that those non-designers can't understand.” Business-speak, corporate-ese, MBA-speak. design jargon can have many names, the language of the design and corporate world rarely makes rewarding reading. Why do businesses say things like: ‘Creating synergistic solutions to their mutual challenges’?

Let's put an end to Business-speak. I have provided some Business-speak examples below, in case you ever have to communicate with a designer or business person who tries to out wit you with some Business-speak.

A square peg in a round hole

Someone or thing that doesn't fit or perform appropriately

the proof of the pudding is in the eating

Finding out a result or actual performance of something

the whole nine yards

No idea why, but means all, everything

what makes him tick

what is his motivation

robbing Peter to pay Paul

Taking from one to give to another with no gain

Best Practices

The most efficient and effective way of accomplishing a task

Giving 110%

How is this possible

low-hanging fruit

Things which are easily achievable and do not require a lot of effort.

Let's hit the ground running.

Get a good start.

The Tail wagging the dog

Things done the wrong way round

touch base

Meet up or talk about something

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The Big S Philosophy

Simple, clear, useable and attractive design will always be state of the art.

the power of Great design

Want to learn more about how great design can Increase your sales, please your clients and make you more money? I hear you gasp “great Design can do all of that”. If you like the sound of the above statement and would like to discuss how Big S Design can help your project succeed read on.

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Why choose Big S Design

I build simple, cost effective and beautiful websites. The web designs are developed to the highest accessibility and usability standards making design and information understandable to all.

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