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Here is a small collection of personal projects that I have produced. I studied art for a number of years, one of my main strengths has always been my enjoyment of creating and drawing.

I still use my pencil lot's when designing but its nice to do a bit of drawing, painting and illustration from time to time.

Personal Work

Oil painting An oil painting of a face

“A face can tell a thousand stories”

I think that’s how the saying goes. An oil paint I did back in art school.

Personal Work

I only wish I had found this guy sooner. I did not find out about Andrew Loomis until I was in my final year of art school, his books are amazing.

The Big S Philosophy

Simple, clear, useable and attractive design will always be state of the art.

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I build simple, cost effective and beautiful websites. The web designs are developed to the highest accessibility and usability standards making design and information understandable to all.

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